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Zero Suit Samus
Created by DJOK3


Zero Suit Samus

Created by DJOK3


I love seeing picture of Old Snake from MGS4 wearing that suit and tie, because you’d expect him to look dapper in it, but he just looks so uncomfortable. He looks like an old farmer who dug out his one suit from the back of the closet to go to a friend’s funeral.

He looks like he overdressed for Sunny’s dance recital and everybody’s staring at him, trying to figure out if he’s her dad or her granddad.

He looks like Otacon talked him into wearing a James Bond costume for a Halloween party, so he could go as Q and they could match, but he couldn’t find a tux and, Christ, he doesn’t want to be here.

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"The winner is… THIS IS GOING TO SUCK"



【虹画像】ボーイッシュ、ショートカット、男勝りの画像貼ってく その1 - 二次萌エロ画像ブログ


kaworu’s death.  tofu version.

the video